It’s hard to believe the Ohio Fire was a month ago. This was the second evangelism event I’ve attended from Striving For Eternity.

The first day is a rush seeing friends and meeting new friends in the evangelical circle. There is never enough time for fellowship. My wife was able to attend on day 2 of the event. I was glad because I wanted her to meet some of the most loving examples of Christians that I have ever met; all with a desire to see lost souls be saved.

All the speakers were great!

Kari Atalla blessed us with her beautiful voice and God-exalting lyrics.

I have never seen Paul Taylor so animated and passionate before. You could tell he was enjoying what he does. The most memorial moment was when he showed us a picture of a fossil, and told us that it was a Gospel tract. I had never thought of that before.

Michael Coughlin always finds a different way to challenge me to be a better evangelist in a loving, and caring way. He truly has a shepherd’s heart.

Sye TenBruggencate reminds us of the fact that non-believers borrow from the believer’s worldview and defending the faith is in reality an offensive position.

Andrew Rappaport told us….ahhh….well I can’t remember what Andrew said, but I remember it was good. :0

When we hit the streets, I had my wife and daughter with me. They were both terrified. My wife got her first rejection when she tried to hand out a tract, and kind of froze up, but she pushed through and has expressed her desire to go out again. They both agreed the conference helped them overcome their fear and equip them to share their faith.

Thanks and God bless,

Joe Conkle

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