When I was asked to write an article titled, “How to Witness to a Homosexual,” my initial impression was to wonder why we even need an article with this title. I guess I never really thought about it much. I’ve evangelized homosexuals before; often not even realizing they are homosexual. But the more I thought about it, the more it made sense for an article of this nature. What is apparent is that many homosexuals can get very angry when their views are challenged; they may even come across as threatening. There is also a significant portion of homosexuals who are actually so kind that an evangelist may not want to offend them by presenting the gospel in its entirety. Other homosexuals are so agreeable and skilled at friendly conversation that it can be tricky to convince them that they do not already believe as you do! As well, our society is so bent on protecting the feelings of homosexuals you may even feel you could be in some legal danger as the result of your speech! It seems clear that witnessing to a homosexual can be a difficult task; even a scary one. In the next paragraph, I’ve copied the previous paragraph, but notice: I’ve replaced the word ‘homosexual,’ with the word ‘person’ or ‘people.’

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