Welcome to the online home of Pulpit and Streets – the first sermonaudio.com page dedicated to broadcasting sermons from the streets and the pulpit.

“Pulpit and Streets” is dedicated to the proclamation of the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ both behind the pulpit and on the streets of the United States.

We are made up of evangelists, pastors, street preachers and conference speakers, writers, dads and husbands. Most importantly, we are sinners saved by grace through faith alone.

Our featured speakers are Tony Miano and Pastor Eric Cuenin.

Both inside and outside of church walls, we see a lost and dying world who needs the faith that comes by hearing, and they will not hear without a preacher.

We hope the Lord will use us to bless you. Please begin listening to our sermons any time you can and feel free to leave us feedback (good or bad)!

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  1. Richard says:

    The site looks great Michael.

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